Sunday, September 25, 2011

Are you driven? By what? Why?

Are you driven? Are you driven by physical things like pain, hunger, or thirst right now?  Are emotions like love, fear, anger, compassion or loyalty pushing you onward today?  With so many possible choices, do you ever feel like decision making is becoming more and more complex? If so you are not alone.

With images of the "ideal human experience" being poured into our heads at the speed of light (or at least minimum, 50 mbps if you have a decent wifi connection) it can be difficult to know what to give priority in your mind and in your life.

So which is more important...being in shape, or being honest? Being in hip, or being trustworthy? Being connected, or being accessible?

These seven things listed below are ones I think are important, very important. It's not my list, and it's not a complete list, but it's a very very good list. And to be clear, just because I can type these words doesn't mean I can, or always do practice them well. Howeverwhen I have the time to dwell on the highest order of things, these characteristics are always there when I arrive.

Courage...The ability to go forward in spite of your fears

Faith...The belief in things not yet seen. Promises have been made to your friends, family, by God and his universe. Faith is your willingness to believe, and act on those promises without concrete evidence that they are a certainty.

Compassion...Being willing to put yourself in the shoes of another, perhaps before you judge them.

Truth...The one thing you want most from others after recognition, but that you may not deliver very often, yourself.

Friendship...A treasure to be protected, since contrary to "common sense" it's often true that those who know you best, are the ones that love you most.

Family...The epicenter of the big bang that created you, and perhaps the most misunderstood, undervalued asset on your books.

Common Sense...The single most valuable kind of thinking. The opposite of sophisticated over thinking. The antithesis of being clever, devoid of personality flaws like ego, arrogance and haughtiness. ... it is in part simple objectivity.
I got these ideas from reading the book, The 7, Seven Wonders That Will Change Your life. And it  may sound corny, but it has changed my life for the better to focus more on these 7 characteristics.

You may be wondering who wrote this book, but I'm not going to tell you. I want you to judge the message before you judge the authors.

After that, judge away. Just check out the book while your at it.

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