Tuesday, October 13, 2009

To advertize, or not to advertize?. "What Would William Shakespeare Do"?

Wow! Did I ever open a can of worms?

Ever since I posted the last entry about our "Specials" (see below) it's been a very hot topic around here. One camp saying "a few ads about our company's products is ok", and the other camp saying "any blog that blatantly advertises is a bad blog!" Out damned Spot!

With opinions flying hot and heavy from both sides, it brings to light a pretty important question, Do we? Should we? Will we...Advertise on our own blog? 

It's certainly NOT the stated purpose of this blog, but what could it hurt, right? Maybe people will understand a marketing message every once in a while? After all, we are in business to sell a product. Or maybe they will hate it and hate us because of it and never come back.

What do you think? Is it in bad taste to mix in some marketing? Is it bad form to talk about your company on a blog paid for by your company? Let us hear from you on this one. We really want to know what you think.

To ask it once more, in a silly way we hope does not offend, "What Would William Shakespeare Do?