Sunday, October 4, 2009

How to get the things you want out of life.

The Law of Attraction. Ever heard of it? No, its not the magnetism we all learned about in first grade science class, but it is about attracting things. Nor is it about romance although it could certainly help, or hinder your success. What the law of attraction is, or rather says, is that we attract the things we think about, imagine, and dwell on. The more we dwell on something, the more we think about it, the more we attract it to ourselves. Even if it's bad.

We've all heard the phrase, "my worst fears came true" or something like it. It's so cliche that there are even songs about it. I'll bet the more you listen to them the worse your life gets. Anyway, you get the point. The principle is that that the more time you spend thinking about anything, good or bad, the more you attract these things to you life.

Now remember this is a theory, but it's a theory that's gaining in popularity worldwide and there are lots of books, websites and even movies about it, like "The Secret" which suggests you can use The Law of Attraction to bring about Good Things into your life just as easily as you could bring Bad Things. This site calls The Law of Attraction "the most powerful law in the universe". Thats pretty damn powerful!    

I've heard about this "Law" before and even saw the movie last year, but what spurred this little trip down the metaphysical rabbit hole today was a video I saw on the web called "From Prison To Paradise" about how one man turned his life around after discovering that all his worst fears had come true and how he decided to do something about it. It's cool. Check it out.

What do I think? I think it's true...and I think it works. But I also thing you have to be careful. Because there is that other law. The Law of Unintended Consequences. Thats the one that says if everybody wins the lottery next week... we'll all only win a dollar. Not exactly what I had in mind when I bought my ticket.

The bottom line, this sounds a lot like prayer to me and thats ok. What if God designed the universe to work this way, and some people are simply starting to figure out how to use it?

My advice; Attract love, Attract happiness, Attract peace and Attract prosperity for yourself and your loved ones...thats my plan. But first I'm going to go attract a fabulous dinner with my family.